What is more suitable for collecting tangerine peel?

2020-12-18 15:43:59

As for the aged tangerine peel, it is necessary to keep it airtight and avoid moisture. If necessary, it needs to be sealed. This will be conducive to aging. It can be stored in cardboard boxes and gunny bags to accelerate the aging. As for the high-quality tangerine peel, which can be sealed but not vacuum, it is necessary to check it regularly, which is conducive to avoiding moist mosquitoes. It can be stored in glass, ceramic and iron cans, and can be cut and reduced to pieces. For example, ten years old tangerine peel is preserved in iron pipes. Let's talk about it in detail.

Packing tangerine peel in cartons

1. Carton:

Tangerine peel stored in cartons, is also more common in families. It is generally recommended that cartons should be mixed with bags and stored with tangerine peel. After all, the air permeability of cartons is also very good. If only the sealing of cartons is not good, tangerine peel will be simply affected by moisture. If mixed with bags, cartons can avoid moisture to a certain extent.

2. Sacks:

Gunny bag is a traditional preservation method with good air permeability, which can accelerate the aging of tangerine peel. However, it has high requirements for outdoor environment. It needs to control the temperature and humidity, and it needs to be placed in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture.

3. Glass tank:

The glass jar is one of the containers which are used to store tangerine peel at home. The sealing property of the glass bottle is good, and it is convenient for us to observe the tangerine peel everyday. Once it is moldy or infested, we can quickly understand the situation and deal with it quickly. It is necessary to select a glass jar with a sealed silicon rubber ring for storage.


4. Ceramic pot:

Due to the formation of some micro pores in the process of production, ceramic pots have water absorption and air permeability. In a dry environment, such as in the north, it is still a good choice. If the tangerine peel is stored in the tank, a small amount of air will enter into the tank, which will slow the oxidation recovery reaction with the tangerine peel, so that the orange peel will continue to age during the storage process, and the more aging, the more fragrant.

Put tangerine peel in tin

5. Iron pot:

The tin pot has excellent sealing and moisture free properties, which can keep the tangerine peel intact. It is suggested that a film bag should be built in to play a double safety role. Cotton bags can also be installed in the cans or newspapers should be added at the sealing position for moisture absorption. However, it should be noted that the tin can for storing tangerine peel should not be close to the high temperature, because the metal is simple to conduct heat, and the temperature is too high, and the tangerine peel is simply blocked in the tank. During the aging process, the conversion may be affected, and the taste and taste of tangerine peel will be affected.

In the end, although the containers for storing tangerine peel are various, the containers with good sealing performance are not simply exposed to the air and are not simply aged; the containers with poor sealing performance are simply affected by moisture, mildew and insects. Therefore, it is better to select suitable storage methods according to the storage environment, so as to achieve an ideal balance between sealing and air permeability, but the most important thing is to avoid moisture.

Source: Zhongshan glass sealed tank http://www.zsxuxin.com/

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