How to screw off the sealed glass jar in Zhongshan?

2020-12-18 15:43:59

Glass can can be said to be a good hand in the day, whether you pickle cucumber, hot cabbage, or store honey can be used, but many people in the use of sealed cans are too tight to open the problem. Now Zhongshan glass sealed jar will share with you some quick opening skills of glass sealed jar.

It is a common occurrence that the glass jar is too tight to be unscrewed. In fact, many methods can be used to deal with this situation. However, people prefer to turn the glass bottle upside down, put the cap in hot water for about two minutes, and then take it out and screw the cap by hand. It is very simple to open it. If the hand is strong enough, it can be directly unscrewed by hand after the above treatment I usually buy it in cans and screw them by hand. I don't need a screw driver.


In this case, we can put it in the refrigerator for freezing and twisting. If it is an external pressure bottle cap like a can, it can be shaken, covered with heat by hand, or even patted at the bottom by other means. In fact, the simpler way is to ask someone else to open it, which is more convenient, ha-ha.

Glass jar is too tight to open in the day is very common, and the reason for this situation is that the cover is almost vacuum. The external pressure is greater than the internal pressure, as long as you use a sharp tool to open a little gap, put in a little air, it is very convenient to open.

Source: Zhongshan glass sealed tank

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