• You are a glass cover away from the fruit tea

    Summer should be prepared to relieve the summer heat, self-made 2 types of fruit tea, the practice is simple, do not need to boil, there is a glass cover on the line. It's hot in summer and sweating a lot, so we need to replenish a lot of water. We don't want to drink boiled water. It's unhealthy to drink milk tea often. Fruit tea sold outside is too expensive. In fact, it's very convenient to make fruit tea at home. We don't need to cook it. We only need a glass cover and a refrigerator. Ingredients preparation of strawberry pickled beverage: 750ml large glass cover, 1 small pot of fresh strawberry, 1 bottle of rice wine, rock sugar. 1. Wash the strawberries and cut them in half; 2. Put a layer of strawberries and a layer of rock sugar in the glass cover


  • Romantic home sentiment decorated with iron candlestick

    What are you looking forward to when the busy day is over and tired? What Xiaobian expects and wants to do is to go home quickly! At home, point to like, in the diffuse open aroma, or drink a cup, or put on a happy music since hi for a while. That moment is a relaxing and wonderful time of the day! Just as gorgeous clothes need exquisite setting off, the beloved fragrant candle also needs exquisite accompaniment. The candlelight of the candle is matched with the exquisite Candlestick, which is also a kind of enjoyment for the vision. The simple candle has the beautiful Candlestick's foil, can also promote several grades in an instant, after all, the wax


  • What is more suitable for collecting tangerine peel?

    As for the aged tangerine peel, it is necessary to keep it airtight and avoid moisture. If necessary, it needs to be sealed. This will be conducive to aging. It can be stored in cardboard boxes and gunny bags to accelerate the aging. As for the high-quality tangerine peel, which can be sealed but not vacuum, it is necessary to check it regularly, which is conducive to avoiding moist mosquitoes. It can be stored in glass, ceramic and iron cans, and can be cut and reduced to pieces. For example, ten years old tangerine peel is preserved in iron pipes. Let's talk about it in detail. Packing tangerine peel in cartons: tangerine peel is stored in cartons, which is also common in families. It is generally recommended that cartons should be mixed with bags to store tangerine peel, after all, cartons


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